Why #BRCoop is different than the ARC, paid #bookreview or review trading sites? Because…

When promoting the Book Review CO-OP, I have occasionally been “poo-poo’d” by various authors who classify us as a “review trading” site. They spout that “peer reviews are frowned upon”. I asked if there was an emoticon next to the review with a frowny face or some other disclaimer we need to use. I did not get an answer. Their premise is that if you are an author…you can no longer be a fan. They don’t get it (They also gripe about our membership fee).

Amazon asks that professional reviewers (or those getting free copies of a work, like an advanced review copy or paid for their work) do not post in the reviewers section, but that the Author integrate the “Pro” review into the editorial section of the books blurb. Fair enough.

Is your review a “professional” review? No. We do not ask you to review a book, or take the next one from the queue and read it. You are not directly “compensated” for your review (it actually costs you to produce it). There is no incentive to give favorable or dishonest reviews at the CO-OP. And there never will be.

What distinguishes us from the ”Review Trading” groups/forums/sites is that we are not facilitating a one-for-one review trade between members. Nor would we. We think it is bad idea that leads to “Revenge Reviews”. All of our reviewers are one generation removed from the books being reviewed. They will be one generation removed from the people reviewing their books. “Trading” reviews is virtually eliminated.

What is important to know is that each member approaches the active store as a genre fan and chooses books they would like to read. I admit that we have a smaller pool of books than the whole of Amazon to choose from, but it still has variety and there are no dictates as to which books to choose or in which order you should read or review them. Books move in and out of the pool on a regular basis. After playing in the pool for 5 or 10 reviews, you get to throw your work into the pool and go sit on the deck to catch a few rays (OK, enough with the pool analogy).

We are also not sending each other non-DRM copies of our books. These have a nasty habit of being passed along indiscriminately and in bulk, with no benefit to the author. Once a copy of your book is out there….it is out there forever. We purchase each other’s work, because the perceived value is part of the review equation. We also let potential readers of the work know that we actually bought the work and, therefore, can present a more valid opinion than someone who has not.

In the end, our members provide a free choice service to each other and the general public benefits from our honest reviews of other Self Published authors. Poo-poo that.

Not cooped up @bookreviewcoop  (When we cross the road, it's to buy coffee and read another book)

Not cooped up @bookreviewcoop
(When we cross the road, it’s to buy coffee and read another book)

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