Promo Bombing your #novel link in Facebook or Google+ does not work. Stop it!

book bombingAt 8:50 AM today, I did what most of you are doing. Something I had stopped doing. Something that is a total and complete waste of time. Something that a LinkedIN Indie author asked about because “It is free”.

I went on a promotional bombing run for my book on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in various “Promotion” groups, communities and tweets. By 9:10 the clicks had stopped. That would let me tally the results. I made all that effort. What was the grand total? Two. I had also sent out some emails to various subscribers and my ever growing email list. That snapshot above? Thats the results from the bitly link I used.

Promo Bombing is free, so the Indie Author does it. It’s not really free, in that it costs you in wasted time and effort for zero results. You see other people doing it and fear you are missing out if you don’t do it as well. Break through the illusion of progress and stop believing you are making effective use of your marketing time and efforts by posting your book link in groups and communities. “Likes” do not equal sales.

STOP LYING TO YOURSELF!! It is time for some tough love. PROMO BOMBING your book links DOES NOT WORK!

It is time to take that 30 minutes of clicking and posting and use it to write down an actual marketing plan. A strategy, some goals, some tactics and some metrics that will produce results.

Most of the groups and communities you are bombing are filled with other authors doing the exact same thing. Do you remember the five books before yours in the thread? Or the three after? Good…because they don’t either. Nobody ever will.

Get serious about marketing yourself and your product. Facebook/Google+/Twitter bombing is NOT part of the plan.

Ask yourself WHY or WHERE you bought your last 3 books?

#1 answer? Heard about it from a friend.

#2 answer? Was looking at one of my favorite author books and browsed the “Others that read this like these” list that Amazon presents

#3 tie answer? Did the same thing in Goodreads OR was browsing a book stand/used bookstore.

After those three, the list drops off quickly into a hodgepodge of answers, NONE of which included “I saw this link in a group filled with authors posting book links faster than a jack rabbit on meth.”

Figure out how to get your book into the top three venues and you will have success.

Nuff said.

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