Now available for #bookreview “George Duncan” by Ashley MacGregor #mystery #thriller


Who killed George Duncan? The answer lies amidst the Greek Islands. Conrad and Jane Tyndale are on holidays in the Aegean but the empty nesters soon discover clues to the mysterious drowning of law professor George Duncan 40 years ago in Adelaide – a murder never solved. But here in the Greek Islands the old suspects are living in secret. As a former prosecutor, and one time friend of Duncan, Conrad can’t resist the chase; finding the killer could be his greatest triumph. With each suspect they find, more questions are raised. Soon, a motive for the murder becomes clear – Duncan was protecting an incredible secret. But the Tyndales have woken a sleeping tiger, now it’s too late for them, they are in too deep. When a suspect is murdered, their house is ransacked and Jane is kidnapped, Conrad realises he is next. Their only saviour is Duncan’s secret – a secret people have died protecting, and the Tyndales have it. The final solution surprises even them.

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