Need to #review another book? “IT LIVES IN THE BASEMENT” by Sahara Foley is now active!

Fate throws two Detectives, partners and friends, into the path of an unknown ancient evil. Lieutenant Flynn starts his quest at an older, innocuous house where he has been called in for a Missing Persons Case. A young couple is missing and the only clue is a notebook stating they were killed by a creature living in the basement. Is the story fiction or non-fiction? Should he believe the sci-fi story? Trying to solve the mystery of their disappearance, should he dare go into the basement to confront the creature?

Four years later, Lieutenant John Carter is called back to the same house when a mutilated body is found lying on the bathroom floor. How was the young man killed? Who killed him? Looking for answers, Sgt. Peter Alvarez is called on scene due to the ritualistic nature of the murder. He claims that an ancient creature killed the young man. John Carter’s quest begins at an area camping ground and ultimately ends up in the vast smelly sewer system under the city streets, searching for the elusive deadly creature. Who will survive the final confrontation?

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