How is your 60 second Book Pitch Speech? Are you ( #indieauthor ) really SELLING it?

I hear authors, especially Indie Authors, continually lament the sales of their book. When I ask them about key components of marketing their work, they give half answers and platitudes, ending up on the old standby: “Well, I just want to write. I don’t want to do the business stuff.”

Ok. You should offer all of your books for free and stop spending any money on proofing, promoting, editing, covers, etc. If YOU are not actively marketing your book and treating it like a product, you cannot succeed as a professional writer.

I am sure there is someone out there that can disprove that statement because some Big Publishing house heard a rumor about their golden ticket book and hunted them down to offer a 7 book deal because they read a sample of it online…but is there anyone knocking on your door?

The truth is that Indie Books primarily sell through these three methods:

1) Recommendation from a friend that likes the same genre.

2) During an Amazon/ Smashwords/ Barnes and Noble search  (starting at a book they already read or an author they already know) the reader clicks on the “Others who read this also read…” link in and they drill down.

3) The reader talked to the author. (Now, for traditional published books, #3 is “Saw it at a newsstand/bookstore and picked it up).

So, you and I are trapped in an elevator. I see your book in your hand and say “So, what are you reading?”

You reply “Oh, I am just re-reading this book I wrote as I get ready to write my next one.”

“You wrote a book? What is it about?”


Well? What do you say? Are you prepared to give me a 30-45 second spill on your book that makes me want to read it? Are you?

Most of the time, without preparation, you babble on about what inspired you and characters. Try to shortcut some cool plot element. You tell me that your mom liked it. You compare it to other books I may or may not have heard of. Eventually you look up and see that I am staring at the “Current Floor” display, calculating how much longer we are stuck together before the doors open.

But you can fix this.  Let’s start with the elements of Book Pitch Speech.

1) Genre

2) Title

4) Synopsis (Very short. Concise)

5) Page count

6) A 5 star Reviewer quote

7)  One other work you did

For me, it goes like this:

“You wrote a book? What is it about?”

“It’s a Science Fiction Thriller called “Threads”. It’s 2576 and we have colonized the galaxy thanks to ships built by the company ISTEC.

The story follows Mark and Mathew Williams, two USS Marshalls, as they  track down a psychotic killer that is stalking women in the MetroStellar. In the process, they uncover a 300-year old secret that could bring ISTEC and entire system down. The book is over 500 pages, so it is made up of quite a few storylines. Lots of tech and characters

One 5 star reviewer wrote “the author created characters and worlds that were very believable, this is what hardcore sci-fi readers dream of.”

If you are interested, I also write a SciFi WEBisode series called “Pulped”.”

(And done. Eight sentences and 40 seconds without sounding rushed, flusterred or incoherent.)

“What’s the book called again?”

“Threads…but here…”

And that is when you pull out a business card with your book’s info on the front and QR scan blocks (or website info) on the back. Give it to the person.

front and back

“…take this card. It’s got the book info and QR codes on the back to Amazon and the paperback.”




Now, PLEASE go write your speech. Practice it and refine it. You might want to invest in some “book cards” as well.


‘Nuff Said.

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