Da Rules…Sorry, gotta have them

Failure to adhere to “Da Rules” will lead to review submissions being rejected. The admins reserve the right to reject (not count) any poor quality reviews or reviews that have a “purchase to submission Turn around” in a questionable time frame (No cheating…read the darn books!).

To begin..you must join the Facebook group AND sign up for the NEWSLETTER. Both. Seriously…it’s a thing.


1) You cannot re-review previously read books. We’re trying to increase the number of legitimate reviews for the Indie Author members. Be honest. If you get caught recycling reviews (deleting and re-posting), you get booted.

2) If you post reviews too fast after purchase…they will not count. This is a process. Even if you read fast, a review every three days is questionable. You could get the boot.

3) You must purchase the books to review through the site link (Store) for it to count. This is how we verify purchase for the authors (You will appreciate it when your book is on the list).

4) A crappy review can be re-written. Actually, we will not accept a poorly written review for credit. By crappy, we don’t mean a low rating (If the book sucks..write an excellent review about why it sucks. If it disagrees with your politics, religion, POV…that’s on you. Leave it out of the review). By crappy, we mean a cheesy two sentence review with no real content. A review SHOULD include some of these elements:

  1.        What do you perceive the book was about (No Spoilers)?
  2. Which characters drew a reaction out of you? What kind of reaction? Why?
  3. Was it true to the genre? Was it believable (or Accurate for non-fiction)? Did the premise and setup put you “There” or achieve its goal? Were the “Rules for the Universe” explained and followed? (Or in the case of non-fiction- did you gain from the authors incites?)
  4. Would you recommend it? Why? If not, why?
  5. Did it need a LOT of work. One or two typo’s do not warrant comment. Entire chapters out of place do. If the grammar, writing style and plot sucked…say so. Inversely, if they were good or great, you should highlight and expound upon that.
  6. A notable quote/action or character trait. Something that struck home with you.

If you return the book before or after submitting a review, the review does not count.

You have to read the whole book. We are getting really good at weeding out “Skimmers”. Do you want the next member to read your book or do you want them to skim your book? We hope the preceding and not the latter.

Low star reviews COUNT. If you honestly think the book is poorly written or conceived, say so. if you disagree with the politics, religion or “it wasn’t how you would have done it”…those are NOT reasons to reduce the rating. We will not tweet one or two star ratings or update the “What’s New” blog with reviews that fail to meet our quality requirements.