How Does It Work?

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Book Review CO-OP members BUY the books they review from our Amazon Book Store (Sorry, buying from other sites does not let us verify the purchase…so, no.)

There are no ARC or book exchanges. We want honest reviews and the reader needs some skin in the game.

Our members approach the review as a  reader not as an author reviewing another author. Are they getting value for the money and time spent reading the book? Would they recommend it to a friend?

These aren’t “comped” reviews or professional reviewers. The reviewers are one generation removed from the book they are reviewing in the cycle. There is no “Quid pro quo” . (But there is a fine Chianti….)

Here’s how they get involved:


  1. Members join our Facebook group (Promo by Genre Day…and OBSERVE THE GROUP RULES!!)
  2. They post their books on the CORRECT Genre day.
  3. They sign up for the NEWSLETTER to join the Book Review CO-OP.
  4. They choose 3 books out of the AMAZON store from GENRES they write or read in. Do NOT choose books from genres you don’t normally read just to fill in the numbers.
  5. The purchase and review those books FROM THE AMAZON STORE. After they post each review in AMAZON, they send a link to the POSTED AND APPROVED Amazon review in an email to
  6. After verification of the three reviews, their book (minimum $0.99 price) gets added into the store in their genre category. Free books will NOT go into the store
  7. Read 3 More books to move to the top of your genre day (The author with the most reviews in a genre will be first. the rest in order).
  8. Read three more books (Total of 9) and get your book on the opening page as well.

Members will read the entire book. No skimming. Members will post comprehensive reviews with no spoilers. The review will be posted to three stores we primarily serve (US, UK, AU).

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT REMOVE,REJECT, DISAPPROVE and NOT EVEN CONSIDER ANY Books of our choosing with no further explanation forthcoming. This site is now fre to join and our tolerance for Bovine droppings and drama is MINIMAL!

Reviews completed prior to the notification of intent to review  for the Book Review CO-OP and the purchasing date of the book are not acceptable. The members should only be review work they have not previously been involved with. Please take the time and read “DA RULES”.



Remember, you’re the last book added to the stores category page (by date). The way to move forward toward the front of the list is to read more and do more reviews than the previous folks. The Movers and Shakers in any given month can get added to the MAIN Store front page.  After 6 months of no additional COOP reviews by a member (IE: you stop reviewing others), we reserve the right to remove your book from the store. You cna still post in the Facebook group. You can resubmit it by completing three new reviews.

To get the MOST out of the Book Review CO-OP, you can help market what we do. Creating “Buzz” is much more effective than spending time Promo Bombing books on Facebook with your Amazon link.

Follow @BookReviewCOOP on Twitter. Whenever we post a new review update, news item or link, it benefits the members to retweet it. Tweets, FB posts and networking will bring more reviewers to the site and move your book along that much faster. You cna also follow our fan page on Facebook

To join, a member joins the Facebook group AND signs up for the newsletter.
Our newsletter goes out in two forms, NEW reviews AND NEWLY added books. It should not come more than once a week. If you unsubscribe from the newsletter, we’ll assume you no longer want to be listed in the Coop.

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