@elizafith gives 4 Star #bookreview to “3 days in Paradise” by Chameleon

4 stars

A sweet story,


Elizabeth Hein (North Carolina)
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Dani should have been happy with her life. From the outside, everything looked great – she had a boyfriend, a nice house, a nice car, a good job – but inside, Dani was suffering. She was haunted by events in her past that were holding her back from embracing life. After a terrible car accident, Dani spends three eye opening days in Paradise. Three days that change her forever.

3 Days in Paradise is Christian fiction and deals with some of the typical themes and belief systems of that genre. If that is your cup of tea, this book is for you. The story is very sweet. Once you get beyond the somewhat meta prologue, this novella flies by. I sat down with a cup of coffee to read and didn’t get up until the last page.

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