Book Services for Authors

This page is to help connect Indie Authors with Service providers in various disciplines. (if you provide services, contact us for a free listing)

Note: Complaints from members about services provided are taken VERY seriously and can lead to permanent bans from this site when not professionally resolved.

Members: if a Service provider does not reply or their contact information is incorrect. please notify the Admin

Editing Services:

Bryan Miller:

Editing (with high recommendations) at .$0.022 / word.

Preston K. Bullard:   Minor copy-edits are as follows:
Books under 200 pages – $5.00
Books under 300 pages – $10.00
Books under 400 pages – $15.00

Formatting Services:

Bryan Miller:

Formatting and proofreading. $0.25 per word. doc to mobi or ePub.

Tom Tinney: (contact here )

Formatting for Epub, Createspace and Smashwords.  0.15 per word or  $25 per hour if it is a real mess. Provide writing template for future projects, will WEBex live support to guide you through uploading procedure for major services.


Cover Artists:

Preston K. Bullard:  Cover creation cost 20.00

 Interview Blogs:

JC Brown: Free Interviews and .99 cent book plugs Author of the week is a basic chat interview and it’s featured and shared for the entire week. Book plugs will include cover, buy link, and trailer if you have one! All are shared via Linked in Twitter, FB and Google Plus!

Author’s assistants:

A. Hildebrand. Author’s, do you need an extra 10-15 hours or more a week for yourself. Have a heavy workload? I can help.Services include, but not limited to:

  • Assisting with email correspondence
  • Make phone calls if needed
  • Help with social media
  • Research book shows/signings for you
No job is too small or too big. I’m here to help you make your life a little easier. If you just need assistance on a specific project or period of time, that’s fine. Just let me know when you need work finished and I’ll be here.



Publishing Services:


Promotional Sites:


Review Blogs:

Preston K. Bullard: 

Reviews cost 5.00 each. This also gets you shared with over 100,000 people on FB and a dedicated page on my website.



Blog Tours:

Virtual Book Tours: People can find out info from our signup site All our tours are set up over on Dark Scream Book Tours but this link will take you to one of our tours so you can see the tour pages an author will get. My email address is Joe’s is We are based in the UK but we always answer any questions as soon as we can.