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#author Interview with Geoff Nelder (ARIA:Left Luggage) on Book Review CO-OP

Author Name: Geoff Nelder   Current work in Book Review CO-OP: “ARIA: Left Luggage”   When was it written? 2008 to 2011   200 word Synopsis? This story has an original premise – infectious amnesia. No one is immune but you can avoid it if you run and hide. Where did it come from, and […]
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#Interview with Gemma Farrow (@CandleSkull), #Author of "Beneath the Willow"

Author Name: Gemma Farrow Current Book in Review cycle or Hall of fame: Beneath the Willow When was it written? It was first written as flash-fiction for Twisted Dreams Magazine in 2011. When a friend said I should consider publishing on Amazon Kindle, Beneath the Willow was the story I thought would be the best […]
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Author Interview with Chamelon, Author of "3 Days in Paradise"

Author Name: Chameleon Current Book in Review cycle or Hall of fame: 3 Days in Paradise When was it written? October 2013 200 word Synopsis of that work? After an accident leaves Dani stranded in the middle of nowhere, she’s picked up by a stranger who takes her to Paradise, a town ‘around the bend’ […]
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#Author #interview with Tom Tinney, Author of "Threads" #Scifi

Author Name: Tom Tinney  Current Book in review cycle or hall of fame: Threads: Book One of the Fabric of the Universe When was it written? Aug 2013 200 word Synopsis of that work? It’s the year 2576 and socialism is dead. Unfortunately, man’s inhumanity to his fellow man is not. In a universe full […]
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