5 Stars #bookreview for “Momentary Marriage” by Carol Rose

5 stars
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I’m not totally sure why I loved this story so much, but I did. This story is centered around 4 main characters: Kelsey; Kelsey’s best friend Doug who is in love with Kelsey; Kelsey’s sister Amy, who is in love with Doug; and Jared, Doug’s boss, who happens to be in love with Kelsey. It’s quite the love quadrangle, which makes for lots of drama and angst and ultimately results in a marriage of convenience that is very different from other books. This was well written with lots of chemistry between the characters. There were times when the characters’ actions just frustrate you because you want them to just open their eyes, or be honest with each other or themselves, but because of all this drama, I felt very invested in these characters’ lives. It was a great story with a lovely happily ever after. I would definitely recommend if you want a story that is emotional with likeable and well developed characters.

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