5 Star #bookreview by @juephraime for “Humor 101” by Danny Murphy

5 stars

It Delivers,

By Hawk

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This review is from: Humor 101: How to tell jokes for power, prestige, profit, and personal fulfillment (Kindle Edition)

In Humor 101: How to tell jokes, Danny Murphy has taken the art of being a comedian to a whole new level. The author covered every aspect of joke telling that a novice would appreciate. He went through the rudiment of jokes telling, giving examples of how to apply it in any situation, from dating, to just being social. For the professional comedian he walks you through setting up the joke and delivering the punch line for maximum effect. This book can be used in an entry level comedian class, if such a thing exists.

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  1. Reply Geoff Nelder

    Sounds like a great book. I’ve tweeted this link.
    Watch out other Book Review Coop members. I’ve been on my hols in Fuenteventura and read 3 of your books and writing reviews. Including yours, Tom Tinney. Be afraid, very afraid… or not. After all I enjoyed a great holiday. The views, heat, sun, sea and sex were …

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      Looking forward to the reviews. Here’s hoping there were other people with you on the vacation…otherwise it just got weird.

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