4 Star #bookreview from @MacGregorAshley for “3 Days in Paradise” by Chameleon

A very rewarding read., May 12, 2014

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This review is from: 3 Days in Paradise (Kindle Edition)
This book grabbed me and held onto me to the end. It’s an intriguing story about finding hope and forgiveness. Chameleon’s mystery may not be so hard to work out, but what happens inside the characters is. The story revolves around Dani, a real estate agent who is haunted by regret. Dani’s problems pile up around her (her boss, her boyfriend, her recent past, even her personal things), but at her core is something she did about 5 years ago, and she resists being consoled. It’s her time in a village called Paradise that enables her to see that salvation is possible.

Chameleon shows us the soul of Dani and you can’t help feel for her and be interested in her journey. I would like to be shown what she looks like. I imagine she looks like my real estate friend, but I want to see how Chameleon imagines her. There is an insightful range of interesting characters, like Marcy (Dani’s caring friend) Thomas (her misogynistic boss) Gabe, Megan and Dean who play key roles.
The part of the story that resonated for me, and where I think its meaning lies, is after we have followed Dani on her quest for forgiveness and she meets Dean. He tells her who it is she must seek forgiveness from. You’ll have to read it to find out.
3 days in Paradise is well written, although there are parts that could be expanded and enriched. However, the idea of the story and the empathy for Dani that Chameleon draws from the reader makes it an excellent book. I felt good having read it.

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