4 Star #bookreview from @JensenScarlett for “A Whisper in the Wind” by Sonya Dodd

4 stars
Review of A Whisper in the Wind by Scarlett Jensen author of The Angel with Burnt Wings, March 3, 2014
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This review is from: A Whisper in the Wind (Kindle Edition)

The story is set in Georgian England, where the Gampton family lives in a 17 th century estate, Longley. There the reader meets privileged high standing people. Henry Gampton unhappily married. We learn about illicit affairs, illegitimacy, heartache, deaths, class distinction, sisterhood, and arranged marriages.You see courage to break away from conflict and bitterness.

The author has an easy-flowing, seamless and coherent writing style. Her characters are for easy reference, given names of their royals. She also describes the opposing characters with opposite characteristics for easy distinction. The author talentfully portrays characters, settings and builds up the interaction to the last minute of the story. The epilogue as last page in the book sums up the theme of the novel. The interaction  described, enhances the total picture against the descriptive picturesque surroundings portrayed.

Greed, obligation, heartache, manipulation, create tension. There are struggles for true love. The heroine, Sophia, falls in love across social status bar and the theme of secrecy and whisper is felt throughout the novel. Whisper relating to the title, is used to carry the tone and embedds the feeling of secrecy, the yearning for freedom, and the “flying away” from convention and the grief it brings.

The author prepares for the sequel of this story by bringing in descriptions like:

“The she heard what sounded like whispers in the wind. ”
“Soft wind whisked up a few stray leaves from the ground and Angelina thought she heard a voice speaking her name.” This also and fully relates to the title of the novel.The tone is set for more whispers in the wind. A beautiful ending.There is a fight for the inheritance of the family estate, the will is contested. It is a fight between a young girl and a shrewed uncle. Evil against good sets the tone. A battle for ownership of Longley in times that it was unheard of a woman run a large estate, dominates the second half of the novel.

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