4 Star #bookreview from @dys_parrot for “Deadly Dating Games” By Joanie Chevalier (@JoanieChevalier )

4 stars
Good mystery!
, February 9, 2015
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This review is from: Deadly Dating Games (Kindle Edition)

An everyday book club turns sour when Julianna instead gets trapped in a web of lies and murder.

A word of warning about the sexual content of this book. It can be somewhat strong at times and it only narrowly avoids slipping into being a novel of ill-repute. Just be aware.

The pace of the story is accomplished very well and at no point should the reader ever be bored or disinterested with the plot. The ending is a little convenient however and I would suggest this novel could stand a little more show rather than tell to improve the flow of events. I cannot say much about the end without revealing too much, but suffice to say electric fences don’t work that way.

Joanie Chevalier weaves a tale that feels like the murder TV shows of the 80’s. It has the plot, the resolution and the ending exposition to explain what happened in much the same manner as “Murder She Wrote” or “Magnum PI”. For hard-core murder mystery junkies this might come off a little light, but for those interested in a fun and quick read, I would highly recommend this.

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