4 Star #bookreview from @dermotdavis1 for ”Lines of space” by Devinder Dhiman @KDhimandk

4 stars

Perplexing., May 25, 2015
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This review is from: Lines of Space: Source of Fundamental Forces and Constituent of All Matter in the Universe (Kindle Edition)
It’s quite a challenge to explain advanced physics to the layman so this book gets some serious kudos just for trying. I found the beginning easier to read and follow than the rest of the book but that’s probably because I have little background in the subject and just about made it through Hawkings A Brief History of Time which was more accessible and geared towards the general reader. I can console myself however as the author explains that the Big Bang is just a theory and not a proven fact so nobody really knows or fully understands advanced physics and string theory is only the latest attempt to explain the nature of reality. As for the author’s Lines of Space theory and the idea that matter comes from the void or from “nothing?” Sounds good to me.

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