4 Star #bookreview by @elizafith of “Momentary Marriage” by Carol Rose

4 stars
Jared is an engaging leading man, February 13, 2014
By Elizabeth (North Carolina)
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This review is from: Momentary Marriage (Kindle Edition)

I enjoyed Momentary Marriage, but I found the main character, Kelsey, tiresome at times. She seems determined to be unhappy. Kelsey is an object lesson on how a child’s perceptions of adult behavior can mess up their lives. She is deeply scarred by the break-up of her parents’ marriage, yet seemed to know very little about it. Several times during the novel, I wanted to shake Kelsey’s shoulders and tell her to “move on.” On the other hand, I was very engaged with Kelsey and wanted her to be happy.

The character I connected with from the beginning was Jared; he is flawed, makes some serious mistakes, but has a good heart. Jared is the kind of man that romance readers love.

I found the premise that Kelsey, a woman determined to stay unattached, would marry the one man that she finds physically attractive to push her friend into her sister’s arms a bit hard to believe. Still, it made for some very interesting, tangled connections between the four main characters. Momentary Marriage touts itself as a romance and delivers all the things a romance promises – a handsome, sexy man, a woman that doesn’t realize how much she needed this man until he is right in front of her, and sexual tension.


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