3 star and Below Book Reviews

Hello Book Review CO-OP members, past and present,
We want to get your input on the question of Tweeting/Posting 3 star and below reviews. While we would NEVER encourage or try to persuade a member to give more or less stars than they feel the book deserves, promoting the 3 star and below reviews on all of the social media can have a net negative effect for our members.
So, knowing that the review HAS TO be posted to AMAZON, Goodreads,etc in order to count towards the members workload, do you still want Book Review CO-OP to retweet, post or otherwise disseminate that specific 3 star or below review on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or the site?
If not, will an email from the admin telling you that you have gotten an additional review suffice toward accumulating/tracking your “owed” reviews?
Please respond with your concerns and comments. Thanks.
Not cooped up @bookreviewcoop  (When we cross the road, it's to buy coffee and read another book)

Not cooped up @bookreviewcoop
(When we cross the road, it’s to buy coffee and read another book)

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  1. Reply Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald

    Maybe we should qualify a 3 star review. I gave the last book I reviewed three stars and I gave it a lot of thought. In my review, I clearly stated that it was just not really my cup of tea. I will never again review a “how to” book! Perhaps if we made some sort of disclaimer that this story is more suitable for “. . .” Now, I am starting to feel guilty!

    • Reply admin

      Your 3 Star was honest, therefore do not feel guilty.

      the review must be posted in Amazon,etc regardless to count. Maybe I should send the author a quick note asking them if they want the 3 star or below re-tweeted or posted to the Blog/pages? I would rather set a policy one way or the other and keep the workload reasonable.

      Please…do NOT alter you reviews to make people feel better. Nobody (the author, the potential future purchaser or your reputation) benefits from a less than honest review.

      Due to the mix of the list, we have to make choices. If I need to do a review, do I read outside my favorite genre (if so, can you be fair?) or do I wait for another book to make the list?

      Eventually, we hope to have two or three active lists going with more “closely aligned” genre’s for those authors…but we are not there yet.

  2. Reply geoffnelder

    I am so pleased you raised this. I am acutely aware how negative the low star-ratings can be to authors, who perhaps from inexperience or insufficient funds to grab a professional editor, produces a less-than-4 star novel. Yes we need to be honest but I much prefer to post the review then let you know not to tweet and fb it. Indeed I’d rather offer personal critiques to those whose work falls short. I’ve been lucky that my ARIA: Left Luggage has attracted 4 and 5 star ratings but I know how subjective this business can be.

  3. Reply David (D.E.) Morris

    Hi! I don’t necessarily have a problem with a 3 star review – especially if the review is objective and fair. 2 star or 1, yes, I would prefer not to have that disseminated through all the channels. But, if you wanted to set a hard line: I would be in favor with an e-mail alert for 3 or below, and then choosing, on my own, to share it.

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