2 New Books make the active list!! Ready for reads and #bookreviews

Welcome and congratulations to our authors Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald, and Devinder Kumar Dhiman for making it to the active list. Their books are now available for review. Enjoy!

In Osiris – The Second Coming, complex issues unfold as San Francisco’s residents are forced to relive the 1987 horrors of the Eye of Osiris murders. Ritualistic murders are not the only thing keeping San Franciscans awake. Several citizens have also witnessed the reanimation of a mummy.

But that’s not all. Searching for answers, Moriah finds herself engaging in astral travel. While the Bermuda Triangle is not the place anyone imagined Egyptians to visit, Moriah finds an unlikely connection between the two.

All over the map, Osiris – the Second Coming is sure to provide an exciting and entertaining ride for those who dare to imagine.

‘Lines of Space’ is a unique and interesting approach to creation of matter from empty space. The Author has presented this notion by primarily discussing the established theories of physics in an interactive dialogue with his son in order to simplify them and then comparing them with the new idea of ‘Lines of Space’.
The author conjectured that, in the beginning of the Universe, there was dense uniform space which converted into matter by contraction and caused different stresses in the remaining space, which in turn gave rise to fundamental forces. The author developed mathematical formulae to find this stress at various locations in the universe and established its relation with cause of Gravitation, bending of Light, expansion of the Universe, Theory of Relativity and creation of subatomic particles. Thus, he has presented in this book, an absolutely new, ground-breaking, plausible and fascinating look in to the world of physics where all matter in the universe is created from space itself and the fundamental forces subsist due to stress in the ‘Lines of Space’

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